Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To bang or not to bang…

And you thought this blog couldn’t get any more trivial…It’s gonna!

I have spent the last year growing out my bangs. It was not fun and definitely not pretty. I spent many months with my hair pulled back in a headband when the bangs were not quite long enough to go behind the ears yet or whatever.

I admire the bang-less look on so many people and thought I could do it. Many people make it look so great and so easy, right?

I was wrong.

I have now had all my hair the same length for two months and I cannot stand it. I do not think it looks nearly as good and, as someone chasing 40 (but not yet catching it!), I do not think I should be exposing my forehead as much as I currently do.

I am glad I gave it a try and I will now not wonder what it might look like, but I am not going to stick with it just because I am stubborn. And trust me, I thought about that. I figured that I had spent a year doing this, so I was going to stick it out. But then I figured that there was no use looking like an idiot if I didn’t have to. I mean, more of an idiot...

Don’t get me wrong, it is not awful, but it is HARD and I do not think even on my best days bang-less, it looks nearly as good as it could if I had bangs.

This was a hard decision and I labored over it for much longer than I should have, given that it was about my HAIR! But once I made the decision, I felt much better about it and didn’t even mind putting in the effort to do the bang-less hair quite as much. I think it was the thought that I knew it would end soon.

So I leave for the beauty shop in less than an hour and I cannot wait!

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