Sunday, February 15, 2009

Organizing small video games

Our two older boys have a Nintendo DS Lite. And, sadly, so do I. There are a few games for it that I know they would never want so I got it so I could play it when I want to. DH loves it too and it is “ours” now, as opposed to the two that are “theirs”. One of theirs is white and the other is black, so we can keep them separate. We were early adopters, so even two colors were hard to come by. Now, of course, there are a half a dozen colors to choose from, but when we got them, needless to say, there were not. In fact, I think ours was pre-ordered before it even came out because we saw a game for it we really wanted. We are so geeky!

The games are small, but if the kids had their way, they would just be strewn all over the house and dropped wherever they were last used and that drives me nuts! So I wanted a cool way to keep them neat and organized and since we got ours pretty early, there were no cool ways to keep the games organized, even then. What we got instead, was a small case that was made for SD cards. It is PERFECT for DS games. Each one has slots for 3 on each side for a total of six each, it zips up nice, and when closed, looks like this:

It is quite small. Since I went out last night and found a few games used at Game Stop (another great place for games) I need to go get another one now. The downside is that the kids seem to lose the actually game cases, so I cannot sell them used anywhere, but for the ones I have kept the cases and books for hidden somewhere, it has worked out great.

In fact, I have kept the “adult” games (which are not adult in content, but the ones we like to play) separate from the kid games with these too. We have one for kid games and one for grown-up games and that way, when I do deem it appropriate for them to play games, I can just give them the kid one and not worry about my own games quite as much. NICE!

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