Monday, January 12, 2009

Giant Gingerbread Man

I was not yet 100% after the flu on Saturday, so I did not make dessert, but I did on Sunday and it was amazing.

After Christmas, the local wal-mart had a giant gingerbread man kit for 50% off, so for $4, I got a pan (which is as big as my cooling rack and wider than the sheet pan I wanted to decorate it on) and a decorating kit which included icing mix (I had to provide half a stick of butter) and about a dozen and a half gum drops. I took it last weekend to my MILs house, but she was unable to make it with the kids (I thought that might be a fun project for them one afternoon when we had to be out for an hour or so) so I made it with them yesterday.

I made a batch of my favorite gingerbread cookie, which was amazing, if not a little thick. But what is a bigger cookie?? It is still a cookie, right? YUM! After I made the giant cookie and let it cool, I made the icing and let the kids decorate it. It was not a pretty as I would have liked, but they had fun. (And they got to eat a few gum drops!)

I will definitely use the pan for other stuff, as it was so fun! It suggested Rice Krispie treats or pizza. I think the treats or a different flavor of cookie sound good, so those are the most likely contenders at this point.

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