Sunday, January 18, 2009


So the school called this morning and said my youngest, who is 3 and in preschool had a “play-doh accident”. My first thought was “Can you have a play-doh accident?” and then I thought maybe he ate it or shoved it up his nose… But no. There was this play-doh toy that is like an extruder with plates that slide on and off the front of it. I am sure many of you have it at home. Heck, we have it at home! So I went into the school to look at his fingers and they were a little banged up, but being the third BOY I have had, not a big deal at all. They problem they were having is that he refused to use that hand, for anything. For a few hours, that is perfectly normal, even for him. When I have a nail break off too low, I avoid using that hand for days!

How did it happen, you ask? When we have one at home, it is odd that he would do anything like that at school, right? I asked the teachers the same thing. Apparently he was playing with it and put his fingers into it (who knows why, but I have learned not to ask the WHY question) and another little boy closed it on his fingers. He is also 3 and my son’s BFF at school, so I am sure it was an accident, so I am not worried about it at all.

He had a small cut, but it was so small you could barely see it! It was not a big deal. So he stayed at school and since he only does half-days anyway, I was back in 2 hours to get him.

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