Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Results of the knit gifts

The knit gifts went over really well at the in-laws' last weekend. I had made a washcloth (knit) and homemade soap (not knit) for each of my husband's siblings and their spouses. For my MIL, I did a felted purse with same yarn as a felted hat she got from me 4 years ago and she seemed to love it.

And the hat and scarf detailed below were great gifts! The scarf got done at 10pm the night before we left. DH said I could finish in the car, but I wanted it to be done and wrapped and relax. And I did finally get my wish. It was close! It turned out uber-warm! This is a great pattern if you want to do something warm and are in NO HURRY. It kinda sucked being in a rush! This year, if I decide to make stuff, I will start early. Like now. My FIL seemed to really love them and he wore the hat to walk the dog every day we were there. Now I am going to have to make those hats for my kids!

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