Friday, December 26, 2008

Fun with Craft Lace

Last week, we saw an episode of “Hands on Crafts for Kids” on PBS, and it had a activity to make lanyards with craft lace that could then be made into keychains or whatever. My oldest son was watching it with me and said that it looked like fun. So I got the craft lace and the findings at my local Wal-Mart earlier this week.

I got everything out on Tuesday, thinking it would be a fun activity. My middle son had a friend over and my son is not the most patient kid ever, so I figured it would not be up his alley anyway.

But the oldest started it and quickly got frustrated and quit. (It was not without a significant amount of complaining first!) He thought I should have gotten the cool tool from the show and I wanted him to learn to do it without the tool, like we had to! The second son gave up even quicker than the first, which I anticipated, so I was not terribly surprised. What did surprise me is that the friend got into it and really wanted to make something. He was distracted by the video game my kids got out, but before that, he was really into it. He did forget his partially-finished item, so I think I am going to finish it this week for him and give it to him this weekend!

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