Saturday, March 7, 2009

New shoes!

What woman doesn't love a new pair of shoes?

I just joined a new (for me, anyway) shoe club at For those not familiar with it, you answer a few questions about your style and each month a team of stylists pick out 5 pairs for you. They will ship to you any of those five pairs of shoes for $39, including shipping. You can also opt out of any month you choose to. I have not yet received my first pair of shoes, but the concept is amazing and I love shoes and I need a good excuse to get a few good pairs again, so this might be it.

I seriously like the idea of a stylist picking out shoes for me - mostly because they might be shoes that look amazing but that I never would have picked out for myself. The question is whether I can get past my fears and purchase shoes online that I may not have picked out myself or even LOVE them without wearing them with something. We shall see.

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