Friday, March 13, 2009

Gifts for the Decluttered

Since I have gotten rid of clutter, I do not want to contribute to anyone else having extra clutter, so my gift-giving has changed a lot in recent years.

Of course, the specific gift depends upon the occasion, but I do love me a food gift! I am a huge fan of food gifts because they are great to get (who doesn’t love chocolate?) and they do NOT contribute to extra clutter. Be very wary of the food gift in a tin or other decorative container. Most people feel like they have to keep the container and it just becomes more clutter, which is not a good thing.

I do the same Christmas gift for everyone on my very small Christmas list. (Non-family, that is. Friends, neighbors, coaches, and teachers of all sorts get the same thing and it is very well-received!) You should pick something you know you can do well or can make multiples of or you are known for. The same holds true for adults for birthdays. Kids still love to get toys and so I do that for them. *Sigh* I wish they understood the clutter they were creating!

For a few ideas, you can check out the following recipes:
Pretzel Turtle Bites (these are so good and so easy!)
Chocolate Cocoa Mix (and who doesn’t love this?)
Peppermint Bark (Very festive!)

If we all could do this just a few times a year, think of all the extra stuff that others would not have to organize (and that would not be in our landfills someday! This is organized and green!)

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