Monday, March 16, 2009

The never-ending load of laundry,,,

I realized the other day, as I was doing laundry, that I do not mind so much the putting of the clothes into the washing machine, the moving of them to the dryer or even the taking them out of the dryer. But I absolutely HATE the folding and putting away, which depending upon the load, might be more than half the total time spent on that load. So I started just folding and putting away one load per day. So far, I have not ever gotten too far behind and on any given day, it is not too overwhelming. I realize that it might not be possible for every family to just finish one load per day (we are a family of five) and I also know that on the one day a week that I do all the sheets, making the beds is in addition to the one load that I put away. The older kids (2 of them) fold and put away their own clothes too. (Not the way I like it, but hey, it is done and it is theirs!)

On days when I have loaded the washer or dryer or both, then the job is pretty easy and I can fill up the machines or not. On days when there is nothing waiting in the dryer or washer, the job takes longer, but it still gets done.

I urge you all to try "one per day" or "two per day" on whatever your most dreaded laundry task is to get caught up and to stay on top of it...

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