Thursday, March 5, 2009

Closet shelves

One of the best things ever, and I do mean ever, is the built-in shelving in my closet. My house is currently for sale and it will be one of the FIRST changes I plan to make to a new place.

I do not use drawers at all. I have a dresser in my bedroom, but it has DH’s socks and DS’s pajamas (he is 3) in it. Most of my clothes are hung up. What does not hang (socks, undies, sweaters, jammies, etc) are on these shelves. Also, the smaller items (socks, undies, bras) are all in clear plastic containers, labeled.

I used to think I was a little anal retentive for doing this and I now I know I am and, unfortunately, it is more than just a little. That is good news for most other people, but not-so-good for my family!

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