Monday, September 15, 2008

Soft Pretzels at home?

The pretzels turned out sooooo good. I saw an episode of something on TV - maybe it was Throwdown with Bobby Flay - about soft Philly-style pretzels and it got me wanting a soft pretzel for a snack something fierce!

So I made mall pretzels from (a site which I LOVE and use a lot for just about everything). They were OK and tasted good, but they made 12, so I had to use 2 rimmed baking sheets and the ones on the bottom had darker bottoms on them and the recipe said not to put the salt on until after they baked and it did not stick very well, even with the “butter wash” I gave them.

Then, 2 days later, I decided to try it again, so I did the Buttery Soft Pretzels (which, incidentally, have NO butter in them) from that same site. Those were great! They were a little more bread-like than I would have liked, but the salt stuck, the outside tasted like pretzel, and the bottoms were not burned. I think I will use that recipe as a base and keep making improvements to it…

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