Thursday, September 18, 2008


I love my ipod. I have typically been a huge user of audible and listen to a lot of books on it (almost no music, although it has a lot on it!) and in an effort to be more frugal, I have canceled my subscription to audible (although I would highly recommend it to everyone!) and have recently really gotten into podcasts. I do use iTunes, which if you are hard-core on the computer is, I guess, a no-no, but oh well. It is easy and syncs with my ipod effortlessly. The great thing is that you can subscribe to all the podcasts I like on iTunes and when there is a new episode it automatically downloads to the computer. Next time, I plug in my ipod, it automatically syncs to that too, so I have to do nothing, which is great for me because I am uber-lazy about these sorts of things.

Anyway, in my search for the perfect food podcasts, there are a few that I like immensely. There are also some I do not like, but other people must like them, so I will not list them here. Also, there are a ton I have never heard or seen, so if yours is not listed here, tell me about it and I will subscribe to it!

• Munchcast – this is super funny and all about junk food. What’s not to love?
• CashTestKitchen – this is done by a couple of Brits (so there are a few things I don’t always get) but I like that it is casual and in their home kitchen. Also, they do not try to be too fancy and I like that a lot
• Start Cooking Video – This is a video podcast, so some of you may not be able to view it, but I like it a lot. It is a little elementary for me, but I like that it goes back to the basics and breaks everything down into its component parts. The fact that it is done like a stop-action video is only the icing on the cake, so to speak!
• PRI: Zorba Paster On Your Health – I am a huge fan of public radio anyway, so this name was not new to me, so if you are a fan of the show already or just want some heart-healthy recipes, check this one out!

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