Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lego brick cake

I had just enough batter left over from the cupcakes to make a cake in a loaf tin. So I did that and thought I would make the Lego brick cake, which I have seen pictures of on the internet.

This whole cake episode has been a comedy of errors. I made the cake in the loaf tin, but then the kids ate the corner, so I could not frost it like I wanted to. So I went back to the store and got another box of cake mix. That worked out fine, but after it cooled completely in the pan, one side stuck to the pan, despite it being greased and floured, as per the box. So frustrating! When it was going to be a whole 9” x 13” cake, I was going to use the leftover cupcakes from the cookie monster thing to make the bumps. So I decided to cut that piece off that stuck and I was back to thinking the cupcakes were too big, so I made it with a big marshmallow cut in half for each of the bumps. The cake was great and it looked perfect before I frosted it!

Then I needed to frost it, so I just bought a frosting can (white) at the store, but a tube of blue gel coloring to make a blue Lego brick. I put the whole can of frosting and the whole tube of blue gel food coloring in a bowl and mixed with an electric mixer. After the whole tube of blue from the store, it was just barely blue. Luckily, I had 3 tubes of the gel food coloring at home, so I got those out. I had maybe used them, but not too much, because they were mostly full and I was out of other colors so I figured I had just bought the multi-pack to get the other colors and had probably not used the blue too much, if at all.

I added the next tube, yes all of it. The gel was darker coming out, but it was still not a dark blue. I added the next tube, still not blue enough. And the last tube, still not blue enough. So if I had to do it again, maybe I would do something easier, like green or even white. I still did not some out as blue as I wanted. I thought gel was darker and "better" than the other drops of food coloring, but I think I will try them next time because this did not work out to well and it used WAY too much - if I had to buy all of those, it would have cost me a fortune!!
I frosted the cake, and it looks OK, but not great.

But when I was done, I had some frosting left over, so I frosted the leftover cupcakes from cookie monster, that I was going to use as the bumps if the whole cake would have come out of the oven well. And there was still some left.

So I put that in a container and put it in the fridge. If it would have been less, I would have just eaten it, but there was enough left that I knew eating it would make me ill.

DH said “Please stop with all the baking. What is that even for?” And I said I thought it would make a good birthday cake but I did not want to make it for the FIRST time for a special event! How can you learn if you only do stuff once?

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