Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I hate unnecessary drama

My three young boys go to a private school. It is not the most expensive private school there is, but it is smaller and the parents are involved and all.

The older two (who are in 5th and 6th grades) have been asking to go to the public middle school next year if the house has not sold yet and I finally broke down and am planning to let them. However, what always bothered me was that the youngest would then not have a great reason to go to the private school alone and we really liked the pre-K teacher there. I did not pre-register him, but that still bothered me almost daily.

And then there was drama. I hate drama.

The school decided that the teacher would not be invited back in the fall because she did not have her teaching certificate. Nevermind that she was actively pursuing it and was only two classes away, or the fact that she was not told there was a deadline. The school made it a lot easier not to have him go back! But now I have no idea what I am going to do with him next year. It was a great program and I am sure I will not be able to challenge him nearly as much at home. The good news is that he will be 4, so he is not legally required to go to anything. The bad news is that I cherish the time they are in school and when they are not, I do not get anything done!

There was NEVER any drama at the school until this year. I do not want to point fingers or anything, but I have a theory that, at this point, falls into the category of conspiracy-theory...

I just want the house to sell now so I can get as far away from these people as possible!!

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dave said...

My grandson has a great pre k teacher at Wallace school. Actually two, she has a helper. He is only 3 and I hope he has the same teacher next year