Monday, May 4, 2009

"free" stuff on the internet - is it really free?

I woke up with a start on Sunday and thought "Oh no! I did not do a deep thought for Saturday this week." So I hope you will forgive me. It was just a LONG weekend!

My son - who is going for be 11 in a week - thinks that when something on the internet says "free" then it is. Despite trying to teach him about what else he might have to pay for and whatnot, he just doesn't get it. And this morning, that was brought home to us again.

We got the mail from Saturday when we took the kids to school because before that, we just forgot. In it was the phone bill. The phone bill jumped almost $20 this month, so we were shocked and confused! There was a charge on the bill for "enhanced voice mail" which we do not have. So we call AT&T and they tell us it was added and authorized by a third party and only they can take it off. Then, we call them and they tell us that our son added it while downloading "free" music from the internet, which was stupid. But they also asked for confirmation of your birth date and he LIED about his age. I am livid. I can totally get how they may have tricked him, but we told him not to sign up for anything and this is why! He has been asking for an "iTunes account" to which I keep saying no because he cannot be trusted and he has again proven why... I am so mad I could spit!

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